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There is so much on offer worldwide, so we have a few of our favourite destination travel guides listed here.

Indonesia, Bali

Indonesia has very beautiful natural wealth. Because of its natural beauty that Indonesia has become a tourist destination that is much coveted by both local and international travelers from around the world. Panorama in Indonesia is certainly not inferior to other countries. For it would not hurt if we went on holiday to enjoy a variety of natural beauty that exist in Indonesia and make it as a tourist destination.Not only that, Indonesia is also rich in culture, various tribes living in Indonesia with harmony and peace, each tribe has its own characteristics that make cultural diversity in Indonesia, besides Indonesia also has a distinctive culinary in each territory.


Tropical warm water and white sandy beaches, it calls you from afar. Getaway for tranquillity and adventure as the island life seduces you.  A place for singles, honeymooners or family, it’s a destination offering something for everyone. With humble hospitality and genuine smiles, everyone is welcomed. Let its vanilla scent entice your senses, relaxing your body and mind. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and coral reefs, it provides ample locations for explorers, like the dormant volcano on land, to the magnificent wonders of the ocean. It’s a year round destination just on our doorstep.


Did heaven and earth meet here?  This is paradise; it captivates the heart with extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories.  The sense of calm and serenity the islands emanates is truly otherworldly. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic getaway or a week of bliss away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This aural feast complimented by a colourful visual one, where turquoise of the ocean, lush green vegetation, pearl white beaches, azure blue sky and generous offerings of golden sunshine inspires us. Not your average beach holiday destination, Maldives offers a collection of tropical islands boasting the ultimate luxury resorts and privacy island one concepts. Spend your holiday on a remote island with crystal clear warm water and lazy days soaking up the sun away from everyone.


A melting pot of barefoot luxury and unpretentious style, brings you Thailand’s magnetism as the top tourist destination in South East Asia. With locals offering wonderful hospitality and delectable cuisine, whether you in the city or on an island, this is the mecca of an all day and night destination. This country has the right ingredients for a fabulous holiday that keeps you coming back for more. A shopaholic’s paradise, offering anything from clothing to electronics, your bags will be bursting at its seams by the time you return home. There are so many facets to this destinations charms, a place you can recharge or unburden your coffers throughout the year.  From lush tropical islands, unspoilt beaches galore and amazing photo opportunities, this place conjures magic.

Tanzania - Zanzibar

A peaceful island getaway, take a book soak up some sun and return home relaxed and rejuvenated. With spectacular coral reefs and warm turquoise water, Zanzibar the exotic island entices you. It provides so many experiences, walking through Stone Town with its cobbled market streets, to a thrill of swimming with dolphins. It was once the trading centre for the whole of East Africa and known as the Spice Island with a unique blend of history. It’s famous for its spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and cloves. Enjoy the attentive staff at the friendly resorts and hotels while your needs are being taken care of. This place will meet your expectations and leave you wanting more.

UAE, Dubai

Bold, glamorous, cosmopolitan is what comes to mind when thinking about this unique and exciting destination. It’s a beautiful land to visit for both business and leisure travel. A modern city most will say, with the magic of ancient Arabia, ready for you to explore. Pristine beaches with clear water and world class shopping festivals you can’t go wrong. From the world’s tallest building, thrilling desert safaris and theme parks like no other, there is always something new to experience. A year-round destination, the best time to visit is November to March when the weather is at its coolest.



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